The online procedure is completed when you receive two e-mails: the first one with your summed-up order and authorization from the bank, the second one within some hours with your voucher confirmation.
When you make your reservation on the same day or the day after, we will send immediately your voucher. In all the others cases your voucher will be ready to print as soon as possible. We will inform you when it is ready to print via e-mail. If you don't receive email, please contact us, maybe there is spam problem or your email address is not correct. Remember you cannot enter in the museum without your voucher or without your reservation number (on voucher), if you have problem in printing it, you can show your voucher on your phone or tablet.
If you don't receive any information within 8 hours please get in contact with us.
Please send us an e-mail with your name and your Hotel e-mail address so that we can send your voucher directly to your Hotel. You will find it when you arrive.
Click on "Voucher" at the left bottom or on the top right of all the web pages and follow the instructions to rescue your Voucher.
Before waiting in a long line, please ask at the entrance desk if you are in the right place. If you have a reservation you are allowed to skip the line.
Sometimes the museum cannot accommodate all reservation's requests and so it may attribute you a visit time close to the originally requested one.
No you don't. Everything is enclosed in the payment of your voucher.
Because exhibitions are included in the museum.
No, you can visit the museum only at the date and time printed on your Voucher.
Changes and Cancellations
Click on Voucher button, on the top right of all the web pages, insert your e-mail address, then you have two cases:
1st: You do not have your reservation number yet assigned, so you can simply click on the “change” button and send an e-mail to us, using the given form, with the new requested date/time, without any additional charge.
2nd: you have already been given the reservation number, so please ckick the “change” button and you will be redirect to the event main page where you can change your date/time directly on the top left form, the same used for your original reservation.
Please note that in this case you have to pay an additional fee of 5 Euro for the change.
Museums don not accept free cancellation. So you can book a different day and/or time paying Euro 5 for ticket. For the same reason it is not possible to refund the ticket but you may book a different day/time also for the following year.
In case of free tickets, you need to show an ID card to confirm your age and nationality.
Ticket may be free, in this case you will be charged the reservation fees only.
You may also just show your reservation ticket on your phone or tablet in case you haven't had a chance to print it. Your voucher is important to pick up the tickets to museums; without showing the voucher, the museum does not allow you to get in.
No, this is not possible. Voucher is a reservation just for one time.